Veritable Good Consulting has partnered with the city of Sacramento to run a project called Students for Inclusive Communities, in which the youth of Sacramento can participate in the General Plan 2040 update. This Photovoice project will require youth in underserved communities to send up to 10 photos until the deadline, October 4th. These photos will be what these youth find as opportunities for change in their community, or a sign of strength. 

The whole purpose of this project is to address environmental justice in Sacramento, but to highlight the voices of the youth who come from places where environmental justice doesn’t seem to exist. Climate change plays a big role in this area as well. That is why Moiz Mir, a Sac State graduate and intern for Darrel Steinberg’s office, is working with Sunrise Movement Sacramento and 350 Sacramento to participate in the international climate strike.

Greta Thunberg, a 16-year old activist from Sweden, is leading this global climate strike to demand action. Sacramento will be gathering at the State Capitol’s West Steps at 12pm.