On Friday, March 29th, Sol Collective held its 3rd Youth Pop Up Art Lab. The reoccurring all-ages, family-friendly event was created to provide a safe space for youth and family to creatively express themselves through a range of mediums free of charge. These labs were sponsored by several funders including Comcast, The Center and the Sacramento Mayor.


The event included a range of creative activities for attendees including a collaging table, block printing station, a zine-making workshop hosted by Skyland Media, a portrait booth and an open jam session with electronic instruments.


“It’s very important to have a space like this,” Erin, one of Sol Collective’s interns told me as she helped visitors cut and paste pictures from magazines. “Sometimes kids don’t have a space to go to and so they get into trouble. To have a space like this for people to hang out and do art is really cool.”


“I started doing collages because I thought it looked easy, and I really got into it,” she told me as she showed me her work. “I’ve found a way to express my creativity, and I like being able to share that. I’m looking forward to seeing more people come, I always invite my friends.”


The original event was created in response to the two days of chaos that took place at the Arden Fair Mall back in December after families and youth began to question where they could go to have fun and also know that they are safe.

Due to the generosity of the organizations sponsoring, these youth pop-ups are scheduled to happen every first and third Friday until June.


For more information on future events  visit https://www.facebook.com/SolCollective/ and follow Sol Collective on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/solcollective/?hl=en