On August 11th, at Pacific Elementary School in South Sacramento, there is going to be an event designed to reach out to the community. The school administrators are partnering with the MLK Neighborhood Association, the Community Resource Project and Habitat of Greater Sacramento for a large resource fair.

“In May, Pacific was blessed with support from Habitat for Humanity,” said Tara Lampkins, Principal of Pacific Elementary. “(They have) conducted various building projects and much-needed cleaning projects on our site.  HFH believes in building homes, building communities, building hope. The August 11th event encompasses all three. Pacific Elementary will be the school for children who will live in the five homes of the current HFH building project on 43rd Avenue.”

Pacific Elementary has an interesting background besides just being an elementary school. Their mission, as stated on their website is “to prepare children for life through experiential learning that addresses the needs of the whole child.” They work to create a safe environment that promotes social and academic growth and develops an enthusiasm for learning, a positive self-image, and cross-cultural understanding.

Principal Lampkins also shared some information regarding the schools racial and cultural diversity on campus and about how the students there get completely free and reduced lunch if they cannot afford it. “Pacific is comprised of 53% Hispanic or Latino students, 23% Asian students, 12% African American students along with Native American, Eastern European, Marshallese and Afghan students,” says Lampkins. “Pacific students have 13 home languages other than English, this is approximately 41% of our students. We are a 100% Free and Reduced Lunch School.”

For more information about the event and to pre-register, send an email to volunteers@habitatgreatersac.org.