A showing of City Rising will be playing for free at the Crest Theater on 1013 K Street at 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm on December 14th. After the screening of the movie there will be a discussion panel afterwards. RSVPing to this event is required, and you can find the link to tickets here.

City Rising is about gentrification in the United States. Gentrification is when businesses reinvest in an area that is typically of a lower class. To business owners, this practice is called revitalization.

Though this may sound good, many of the people who have lived in these areas for years get forced out of their homes because their rent is increasing too much, and the cost of living gets too high for them to pay.

In a previous article about the documentary itself, Jazmine Justice-Young got a quote from the documentary.

“The area, which used to be mostly, predominantly black… I go there and I don’t even see black people anymore,” Tanya Faison said in the documentary. “Our mayor has taken it and flipped it and renovated it. People are being criminalized. People are being paid to move out of their apartments.”

Whether you think of the practice of increasing rent to be Gentrification or revitalization, watch the movie and join the discussion about the practice with other people who are interested in the topic.