I’m back! I can guarantee that almost none of you guys will recall that I ever left or was ever previously employed by AccessLocal.Tv. Let me catch you up. I worked as a Neighborhood News Correspondent here over a year ago, but bittersweet as it was I had to leave the program to begin college at Loyola Marymount University as a screenwriting major.

Sure, everybody tells me it must be such a fascinating major, but guess which career field is severely lacking in jobs, Screenwriting. No one tell my parents. They still think Disney will hire me bJenny n friendsecause my second cousin was a voice actor in Zootopia. Despite the odds, I have found some interesting internships of a more journalistic nature. At my university I write for news portion the campus TV station profiling the successful athletes I see at the gym when I use the spa there.

I find the natural state of journalism, exposing raw human emotion, to be incredibly evocative, but my true allegiance will always lie in the career coffin that is comedic writing. Maybe it’s the innate self-deprecating nature of comedy writers that causes me to hyperbolize the lack of success in the field. I mean there are plenty of successful comedians, several of whom I would consider practicing idolatry for.

Or maybe I’m just someone so consumed by her dreams that she wouldn’t know left from right without them. I will see my aspirations come into fruition, or I’ll die trying. Let me add that creative people can be a roller coaster of emotions, as evidenced here, so take all of this with a grain of salt. My name is Jenny and I have dreams. Hello, nice to meet you.