Author Leanne Brown had a what some may think is a crazy idea: eating healthy on a budget for $4 a day. Her cookbook called “Good and Cheap” shows readers how to do just that.

The cookbook was designed mainly for individuals who receive SNAP and Food Stamps. Additionally, there are other members in society such as retirees and college students that also live on a strict budget.

According to Brown, “About 46 million people in America are on SNAP or Food Stamps.”

The purpose of the book is to provide a resource for the individuals faced with this situation.

“That’s not realistic but you do what you have to do.” said Michael Fields a resident in Sacramento.  good-and-cheap.jpg

The cookbook has over 100 different recipes. The recipes are healthy and ingredients sum up to $4. Even for individuals who live on a strict budget, the recipes in the cookbook are achievable if the right foods are selected.

The cookbook has been downloaded over 500,000 times. After “Good and Cheap” got popular the author wanted to print a small amount of her cookbooks. Brown started a Kickstarter to fundraise to print cookbooks. After a while Leanne raised over $140,000 from the help of her fans.

The positive thing is that the recipes can be created in a simple kitchen that does not require any special equipment.

The cookbook “Good and Cheap” are online for a FREE download. You can find the free download at