We Connect is a project of Health Happens Here

We Connect is a health resources-based initiative.

On November 22nd, Sacramento Charter High School will play host to a resource fair sponsored by WE Connect, an event designed to help members of the community find ways to save money and sign up for affordable healthcare. The event will start at 10:00 a.m. and continue until 3:00 p.m.

WE Connect, a project of Health Happens Here, will be setting up shop at the high school with “hubs” designed to direct attendees to the resources they need most. These hubs feature workshops for healthcare enrollment, immigrant resources, financial and medical services, and a “Stay Fit Zone” for the kids.

“Our goal is to host a one-stop shop for families to learn about health and money-saving programs, to live a healthier and financially secure life by taking advantage of the resources available in their own community,” says a recent WE Connect newsletter. Health Happens Here recognizes a gap of quality health resources among certain communities, a gap which WE Connect is working to close.

Focused on helping families gain access to health services, the organization welcomes anyone who would like to attend or volunteer. Those who would like to volunteer at one of the hubs, however, must complete an exhibitor form.

Fill out a volunteer form here: