Hiram Johnson High School’s cafeteria supervisor Suzie Holquin has been disrespected before and she thinks it’s unfair and wants none of it.

“I want zero tolerance on it. We provide healthy meals for them and they get out of context,” Holquin said.

When students disrespect Holquin she responds calmly.

“I take it in calmly and listen to what the students say but if they don’t listen we call campus safety which has had to happen before.”

Holquin doesn’t like her coworkers feeling unsafe because of students showing disrespect towards her and her workers.

“I don’t want my ladies to be scared to serve students. I do have one lady who was scared for her life. I don’t find that fair when we serve students.”

There have been incidents where she actually had to call campus safety because of the student’s behavior.

“We had to call campus safety to pinpoint the students, they were spoken to and made to apologize,” Holquin says. “The student didn’t realize how bad he scared my employee.”

Holquin said students usually show disrespect towards them when the service is running slow. “If we’re not fast enough or if one of my employees can’t understand what the student is saying and have to continue to asking.”

Holquin wants students to know the lunch ladies try their best to serve them and they deserve respect.

“I feel like the student should treat us like their parents, and if my children acted that way I wouldn’t permit it, I don’t condone their disrespect whatsoever,” said Holquin.