Here is your winner !Our Neighborhood News Correspondents work with young people in Sacramento to help them produce digital content and share stories from their communities. Those “Peer-Produced” pieces are published on our site, and every two months all the submissions are judged and prizes are awarded to the authors. The following are the selections for the months of December and January:

1st Place

The roots are more complex than we think

By Sabrina Feusi

2nd Place

One student, voice for thousands

By Katrina Ye

Cheating leads to serious consequences

By Julie Telles

Breaking Down The Walls, a true learning experience

By Sadia Iyyaz

3rd Place

Dollar Menu: Cheap Food, High Health Cost

By Samantha Aguirre

Bringing food and shelter to the homeless of Sacramento

By Katy Rudow

Let’s talk LGBTQ

By Ajay Lawson

Sacramento, a city of all types, including LGBT

By Lauren Vincent

Honorable Mentions

Do you support the death penalty?

By Catherine Chenault


By Richelle Hadley

The road to athletic success

By Nick Driscoll

Gray hairs one sign of stress

By James Hoang

Older Girl Scouts do exist

By Desiree Dunbar

The Hmong life

By Eliyas Vang

Cultural differences

By Ronald Tran

Extreme Adrenaline takes on Nevada City

By Desiree Dunbar

Anonymous rocks The Boardwalk

By Karen Barry

Older Girl Scouts do exist

By Desiree Dunbar

High School Seniors and the New Year

By Jaz Thomas

Shop Small Businesses for the Holidays

By Jenny Lansing 

The award for 1st place is a $200 gift card. 2nd Place winners will each receive a $50 gift card. 3rd place winners are eligible for a $25 gift card. Honorable mentions will receive $10.

If you’re a young person between the ages of 15-21 living in Sacramento who is interested in participating in the nextNeighborhood News Correspondent’s “Peer-Produced Contest”, send an email to with information about your content topic. Submissions can be in the form of written content (blogs, reporting) or videos. Submissions should focus of community related news and/or experiences.

Congratulations to all of the winners!