By Elissa Valentina Aguilar

According to A.C.T (Sacramento Area Congregation Together) and the Sacramento Police Department gang unit, there are an average of fifty youth and gang related homicides per year. They get young teens off the streets by giving an alternative such as disscussing their future, jobs, and counseling with support of the community. They are being offered support with expanding their education and numerous other programs. Youth centers like La Familia offer the same opportunities to troubled teens and struggling adults.

I attended a program called Job Boot Camp, this program lasted three days from twelve to three every day from Tuesday to Thursday. Every day I attended this class I learned strong valuable skills for a job enviorment. These skills included e-mail and phone ediquate, how to dress properly for an interview, and a professional way to handle a conflict in a perfessional enviorment. This class educated young teens and young adults dedicated to making a better tomorrow. Promoting a better education and bigger ambitions. La Familia offers many programs such as Project Excel United Way, Free summer lunch program, Education and Employment for youth.

La Familia offers so many opportunities and possabilities for youth that are either under privillged or unsupported with their ambitions. I enjoyed this center and what they had to offer, going to La Familia encouraged me to stay dedicated to my goals and no matter the complication I know I will have people willing to help me stay motivated. I feel it’s more than safe to say that La familia will and is making a difference. If you are interested in finding information about La Familia you can contact them at (916) 452-3601 and can be found on 5523 34th street Sacramento, California 95820.