“Access Sacramento Open House on Listen Up! Sac: Jerry Perry Presents”

Listen Up! Sacramento is happy to share the music from our Access Sacramento Open House event. Jerry Perry of Jerry Perry Presents brought us some wonderful musicians including “99…100” and “Gabriella Ruiz”. These young ladies are super talented and have long music careers ahead of them.
The first band on this episode of Listen Up! is “99…100”. This duo is two young ladies that sing and the other plays guitar while the other plays a child size piano. Their modern story-telling style reaches out to several generations. Check out this charming and original band on the show.
Also featured on this episode of Listen Up! Sacramento is singer and songwriter Gabriella Ruiz. She is 14 years old and has lovely presence and voice. She plays guitar and sings for us. Her music is soft and sweet with just a bit of edge to touch the emotional parts of life. Her songs are her own original tunes with songs like “I Would Die” and “I Could Care Less”.

Tune in to Listen Up! Sacramento on Access Sacramento on Tuesday, July 17th at 11pm on channel 17 or watch the simulcast online at at www.AccessSacramento.org and click ‘watch 17’.