Jo Ann Fuller, Board Chair for 2012 is off to a fast start in her first month on the job as the Chair for our Board of Directors. “We have a terrific Board with lots of talent. We are each sincere in our desire to fulfill the mission of the organization. We want all Sacramento County residents to come to Access Sacramento and express yourself” she proclaimed in a recent interview.

She continued, “In recent meetings with Board members, we have identified several new opportunities in the coming year. Low Power FM radio (LP-FM) would permit our wonderful radio producers to extend ‘The Voice’ to new audiences. We will make a strong case to the FCC for an LP-FM license early next year. Additionally, several new organizations have indicated interest in our Neighborhood News project. We will expand our outreach to youth and investigate new ways of offering educational stipends inviting their participation.”

“We have learned what works with our NNB efforts over the past several months”, she said. “The best indicator of success is finding local organizations with talented and creative members eager to tell their community stories on-line. We are talking to the libraries and other nonprofit groups, encouraging them to take classes, use the equipment and get involved. The Board is highly motivate to spread the word as ambassadors of the organization.”

Fuller concluded with a list of new and continuing events in the coming year. “December 4th will be our Holiday Party with Sister Swing”. In March we will host another Open House celebrating ‘Sunshine Week’ in our State Capital. And wrapping up a busy year of activities in October will be the 13th annual “Place Called Sacramento” film festival and helping to host the Alliance for Community Media, Western Region Conference. We invite all our members to get involved and ‘Express Yourself’.

If you have ideas you would like to share with our new Chair, you can e-mail her at