By Cheuy Thao

At the beginning of the school year when School of Engineering and Sciences first opened their campus, they had a dress code. The dress code requires the students to wear any collard shirt and the students were fine with it. Two years later, the school had a new administrator. The new administrator changed the dress code into a uniform policy without informing the students at first. The uniform policy requires the student to wear certain color collard shirts. It also requires the students to wear slacks and kakis, but no jeans are allowed. This uniform policy has upset the students.

What are the students thinking?

The students dislike the uniform policy very much when they first heard about it. I am also a student currently attending to School of Engineering and Sciences. I dislike the uniform policy because I am not a fan of slacks and kakis. Everyday I would hear the students complain about how they don’t like the dress code and I would ask them why they aren’t doing something about it. They told me that they don’t have the voice to change anything.

Why did the Administrator Change the Dress code?

The Administrator has changed the dress code because the school is having an issue with students sagging or showing too much skin. The Administrator also changed the dress code so that the school can look more professional.

What do the Parents think about this?

The parents were asked what their opinions were about the uniform policy.  One parent said that she does not like it because when a student does not have a correct shirt or pants they are to be sent to the office to wait until their parents bring them the correct clothing. The parent said that she doesn’t want her kid to be sent out of class because they will not receive their education by being sent out. The parents said that buying both uniforms and clothes to go out cost too much money.

What are the Students doing to change the Policy?

Some students say that the youth do not have a big enough voice to change anything. Some says that if we at least try, we may get somewhere. So some students seek out for help from others. We had Petition papers going out and had over 250 papers signed.


The policy was not changed after a few months that the students voiced their opinion. We don’t want a big change in the policy; we just want the old dress code back.