By: Edder Cruz

In many parts of Latin America, life is very complicated and difficult.

People have to deal with the violence that comes from gangs and drugs,

the cartels fighting over territories and low paying legal jobs. That’s

the reason so many families try to come to the United States. To them,

this is a land of opportunities, and they come for their chance at the

American dream.

In Sacramento there are immigrants from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador,

Cuba, and even faraway Asian countries. In one way to get to the United

States isn’t hard for Mexicans, it is kind of easier because they only

have to cross one border. But for people in Central America it’s harder

because they have to cross 2 or 3 borders and deal with the violence

that’s going on in some of those countries.

Immigrants may get killed, kidnapped or in some cases girls get raped.

But for those who make it to the United States it’s still hard because

they have to do the jobs that Americans don’t want to do, and deal with

those who say that they came to take over the jobs that Americans can be

doing. The reality is that we don’t normally see Americans going out to

the fields to work the crops, working under the sun doing construction,

cleaning restrooms, office buildings, or houses, or doing landscaping

jobs. When can you remember seeing an American standing outside the

Home Depot asking for a job? But I bet you’ve seen an American asking

for money outside the same Home Depot. What does that tell you?

Now more States are making their own laws against immigrants, making

their life harder and trying to kick them out of their State. Didn’t the

United States get over this in the past? Or do we need a new Civil

Right’s movement since Americans are doing almost the same thing to

immigrants. If we go back into history you will see that this country

was made of immigrants going back to the original 13 colonies. There has

been a national movement against bulling, so why is it okay to bully the

immigrants? We are people too and we just want a better life just like

everyone else. That shouldn’t be illegal.